"Tell me and I forget; teach me and I may remember; involve me and I will learn”

16 Dec 2017


-Wear the proper footwear properly tied
-Wear the proper equipment


-Always participate with effort  in all activities.
-Demonstrate a commitment to the process, lesson or activity.
-Demonstrate proper movement skills and concepts


-Adhere to the rules or instructions of the lesson or activity
-Display honesty during the lesson or activity.
-Allow equal opportunity for others to participate.

-Lookout for the safety of others.
-Avoid careless risks.
-Show an awareness of your body and those around you.

-Listen when it is time to listen (to the teacher or classmates).
-Cooperate with the teacher and classmates. Display good sportsmanship.
-Show the value of others, the equipment, the property and the environment.

13 Nov 2016


Baloncodo is a new sport, in which every pupil can play regardless  personal features. A new sport that you can implement in your school easily, without a large deployment of material or spaces.

25 Sep 2016


Set up a square, marked out in the four corners of the hall, and marked with numbers 1,2,3,4 respectively.
On the floor of the hall, spread out, will be 4 sets of numbers from 1-8 (so there will be four 1’s, four 2’s etc in the hall). Pupils will jog around the hall in and out of numbers.
The teacher shouts a number between 1 and 8. At this, the pupils have to pick up whatever number they are closest to, and using the numbers in the corners have to get the number the teacher shouted using adding or subtraction, e.g. if the teacher shouts 3 and the pupil picks up number 5, then that pupil must run to the corner numbered 2, as 5 minus 2 equals 3.
There will be a section marked out in the middle of the hall for those that can’t be solved, e.g. if the teacher shouts 1 and pupil picks up number 1 then they can't make 1 by adding or subtracting numbers 1, 2, 3 or 4.
Choose some pupils to be chasers. These are the people who tig others.
Then choose some other pupils to be farmers. When someone has been tigged, they lie on their back with their legs and arms in the air.
They then have to wait until a farmer comes and rolls them over. To make this more fun the children can also make a 'baa' noise when being rolled over.
This game is used in our recreational gymnastics group within our gymnastics club. It is part of the warm up to raise heart rate and body temperature for the gymnastics session ahead. It is also high on the fun factor, the children love it. It is nothing more than a version of "Stick-in-the mud". We call it "Tickly cat".
The person whom is "on" is the cat and she chases the other gymnasts (the mice!), and tags the mice. The mice then "fall asleep" lying on the floor in a star shape and they don't "wake up" until one of their friends tickles their tummy.
The game continues until everybody has had a go at being the cat or the time limit for the warm up is finished.
All our gymnasts really enjoy this game and there are usually a lot of smiles all around!
This is a warm up game using coloured hoops and coloured bean bags.
Scatter the hoops around the area in which you are working. Split the class in half - smugglers or 'goodies'. The goodies have a 30 second head start to place bean bags in their correct corresponding coloured hoop. On the blow of the whistle, the smugglers 'steal' the bean bags from their correct hoops and place them incorrectly.
The 'goodies' have to keep going to try and remedy the problem.
Lots of fun, and gets the heart rate going!
This is a fun warm up activity. Tell the children to copy all your actions.
Pretend you are asleep and suddenly wake up and are late for school. Everything you do is done on the spot but in a hurry. Brush your teeth, wash your face, put your clothes on run downstairs, run back up (forgot to put trousers / skirt on) back down stairs, eat breakfast, pick up your bag, open front door, shut door, run down the street, jump over a hedge, look both ways, cross the road etc.
Finally arrive at school slowing down panting and puffing then suddenly stop at the closed gates.
Its Saturday!!
You must provide a running commentary whilst doing the actions and you can make it as fun as you like with as many actions as necessary to warm up the children. It is a fun and easy to follow pulse-raiser.
A similar cool-down activity (contributed by a visitor) is called "Getting ready for bed". This involves a lot of stretching as we mime removing clothes, hugging teddy bears, etc. It ends with children lying on the floor 'asleep'.
Before you begin, the children should be taught the commands which the activity involves .
Children start by forming a line (one behind the other) directly in front of the teacher. The teacher then shouts a command and the children have to perform the activity associated with that command.

Children have to listen very carefully!
  • On GO - children must stop still.
  • On STOP - children must move around the space either walking or running.
  • On UP - children must sit or lay down.
  • On DOWN - children must stretch up to the ceiling

17 Sep 2016


in bad shape 

A person who is in bad shape is in poor physical condition.
I really am in bad shape. I must do more exercise.

back on your feet 
If you are back on your feet, after an illness or an accident, you are physically healthy again.
My grandmother had a bad 'flu but she's back on her feet again.

full of beans 
A person who is full of beans is lively, active and healthy.
He may be getting old but he's still full of beans.

feel blue 
To feel blue means to have feelings of deep sadness or depression.
I'm going to see my grandmother. She's feeling a bit blue at the momen

off colour 
If you are off colour, you look or feel ill.
What's the matter with Tom? He looks a bit off colour today

dogs are barking 
When a person says that their dogs are barking they mean that their feet are hurting.
I've been shopping all day. My dogs are barking!

hard of hearing (some pupils :))
If someone is hard of hearing, they can't hear very well.
You'll have to speak louder to Mr. Jones. He's a bit hard of hearing.