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17 Sep 2016


in bad shape 

A person who is in bad shape is in poor physical condition.
I really am in bad shape. I must do more exercise.

back on your feet 
If you are back on your feet, after an illness or an accident, you are physically healthy again.
My grandmother had a bad 'flu but she's back on her feet again.

full of beans 
A person who is full of beans is lively, active and healthy.
He may be getting old but he's still full of beans.

feel blue 
To feel blue means to have feelings of deep sadness or depression.
I'm going to see my grandmother. She's feeling a bit blue at the momen

off colour 
If you are off colour, you look or feel ill.
What's the matter with Tom? He looks a bit off colour today

dogs are barking 
When a person says that their dogs are barking they mean that their feet are hurting.
I've been shopping all day. My dogs are barking!

hard of hearing (some pupils :))
If someone is hard of hearing, they can't hear very well.
You'll have to speak louder to Mr. Jones. He's a bit hard of hearing.

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