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26 Mar 2013


Proper use of footwear and apparel in Physical Education
In PE classes is essential to use a dress and shoes that will offer convenience, security and freedom of movement.
Recommendations for physical education classes:
  •  Tracksuit, long or short pants and a sweatshirt sports. (All we know Martos's weather, ;))) )
  •  Cotton socks . (We should always wear socks) 
  •  Short Sleeve not tighten. (Please look the sky in the morning) 
  •  Sports shoes  with laces tied or velcro. 
An incorrect clothing can cause us more of a problem:
A) A poorly fitting shoes can cause:
- Pain in the fingers (if you use a very tight shoes).
- It can cause blisters, (if the shoe is great, because the foot will slide along the template without security).
- Pain in the sole of the foot (to use low profile soles. It is recommended to have a bit of height).
- Problems in knees and back long term.
B) A tracksuit, pants or shirt inadequate causes:
- If we confine small movements and prevent us from doing some exercises well (flips, throws, ...). It can also cause us chafing.
- If the pants are wide I can step on it and fall.
- If the shirt is wide you can  be hook it to any partner or corners of the court and break or fall.

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