"Tell me and I forget; teach me and I may remember; involve me and I will learn”

30 Mar 2013


This is a video recorded with my students last year in Fuensanta.
The games we call “traditional” are the games that children, all around the world, have played throughtout history.
  • MARBLES: You can play marbles with your thumb and your index finger. Push the ball with your thumb and try to hit another marble. The rules of this game are different all over the world.
  • THE SPINNING TOP: The spinning top is a wooden cone with a metal point. You wrap the cord around the cone and throw it onto the ground making it spin as it falls. When it hits the ground, it will spin around.

REMEMBER: Long before school existed, children learnt many things from playing games and developed their capacities for socializing.
Today, games are a very important part of our lives.


  1. Está genial el vídeo. Muy motivador para que los alumnos y alumnas "rescaten" los juegos tradicionales. Enhorabuena por ello.

  2. Gracias Antonio, es curioso ver como el modo de vida de hoy, hace que estos juegos de siempre se conviertan en un recurso extraordinario.